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You can purchase this video and teach yourself at home. Some members when joining the class, find it valuable to purchase the video to enable them to keep learning at home. To purchase, the cost is £19. To members, £15. The price includes posting to a UK address.

On week one, you will be introduced to the basic drawing skills such as measuring up a subject to achieve the correct proportions. Often, even people who may have been painting for a number of years, have not been taught basic drawing techniques, for example: how to measure and achieve correct proportions. Without this, you will simply trust your eye and hope for the best, often failing to get correct proportions.

The course will also deal with simple perspective. A good painting cannot sit on a badly drawn composition. Once you are happy with the basics, you will then move on to painting techniques, working from a still-life, set up in the class room. This will allow you to learn at your own pace in order to gain confidence in the acrylic medium and to experiment on personal technique. Initially, you will work in one colour, to gain knowledge of tone, before moving on to learn colour theory and how to mix colours. On the following weeks you will be able to work from your own favourite subject under my guidance.You can enrol for further weeks and keep learning; also take part in our regular exhibitions to allow you to display your work and sell.