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Welcome to your community page. Over the next weeks, this section will steadily improve, so please re-visit from time to time.

This is where you can keep in touch, find out things. Much of the information will also be on Facebook, under the class or classes you attend (not everyone is on Facebook, so please use this website).

If you want news relevant to art, or any culture event, posting here, please email it to me, also any images.

Have also set-up a gallery for each class where your work can be displayed, together with your comment.

BBC4 live life drawing evening, Tuesday May 12th, members sketches

Hightown & Atkinson morning classes

Atkinson afternoon

Lydiate, Thursday evening

Lydiate, Friday

Saturday monthly, general class

Saturday monthly life drawing

Members images from their gardens, homes

Notice board

Notice board where you can email me any news you believe relevant for the Sefton Art Group.

painting in the garden, by member of the sefton art group, art classes, beginners, Liverpool, Southport, Merseyside

Tony, from the Thursday evening class, has certainly got himself organised!

A PROJECT. Given the improving weather through April, perhaps members might like to take on the following project, following David Hockney's example? Now we are all isolating at home, why not use our gardens to work in? I suggest we could start with drawing & sketching, then move on to painting exercises - time to experiment - then do a finished painting or paintings when ready. I have set-up a web-page where all the work, including preparatory drawings, could be displayed for everyone to view.

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If you are thinking of learning or improving your palette knife skills, try the following YouTube suggestions.

There are plenty of others on YouTube to visit.

YouTube is a great resource for learning. Give it a try.

Quick watercolour painting, done in the garden.

Creative watercolour, plus pen & ink and pastel

Creative painting with either watercolour or watered down acrylics, plus pen & ink and pastel. PART ONE

Creative painting with either watercolour or watered down acrylics, PART TWO.

Life drawing websites

If you are wanting to keep up with your life drawing skills, here is a small list of YouTube useful videos:

Art class, videos, by Roy

How to measure & charcoal


Drawing exercise, using charcoal


Pen & ink, basics (relevant for watercolor also) Part one.

Part two of pen & ink drawing.