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Welcome to your community page. Members, feel free to send your paintings to me for display on your gallery page. Also feel free to click on the other classes gallery and see what they are up to.

Zoom online art classes. I have now developed five weekly art classes on line, using zoom. Including acrylics and watercolours. It's intended to introduce another one using drawing, charcoal and ink. If interested in any of the above, again just contact me for more details.

Paintings done in zoom online classes

Hightown & Atkinson morning classes

Atkinson afternoon

Lydiate, Thursday evening

Lydiate, Friday

Saturday monthly, general class

Saturday monthly life drawing

Members images from their gardens, homes

Notice board

Notice board where you can email me any news you believe relevant for the Sefton Art Group.


paintings and gift cards for sale, sefton art group, liverpool, formby, southport, merseyside
Lindsey Catherall with a selection of  her own crafted designed cards, now on sale at  Vanilla gift shop in Formby.


artist roy munday, art tutor in his studio, southport, merseyside, offers online art courses, art classes, for beginners,
Roy Munday, artist and art tutor, in his studio where he delivers online art classes.

Covid-19 has changed the way many of us live, and no doubt for the foreseeable future. During lockdown I've had to radically re-think how to keep members motivated while working from home, which can present difficulties as most enjoy the face-to-face weekly meetings and the social interaction.

I started off producing YouTube videos so members could keep up their skills. These worked. Then zoom became widely used and I then had to invest both time and money into developing online classes. To my surprise, they are proving very popular and the zoom interface is easy to use. Most members like the idea of having what is a private tutorial in the comfort of their own home!

Anyone wishing to find out more about classes on offer, or not sure how to use zoom, just get in touch with me.

contact me





Quick watercolour painting, done in the garden.

Creative watercolour, plus pen & ink and pastel

Creative painting with either watercolour or watered down acrylics, plus pen & ink and pastel. PART ONE

Creative painting with either watercolour or watered down acrylics, PART TWO.

Acrylic workshop, landscape

Creative painting with either watercolour or watered down acrylics, PART TWO.

Art class, videos, by Roy

How to measure & charcoal


Drawing exercise, using charcoal


Pen & ink, basics (relevant for watercolor also) Part one.

Part two of pen & ink drawing.