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members working in the art class. The art classes are very diverse, with beginners and those who have been coming for many years…

We find that many people make a New Year’s resolution to finally take up art! Then start to hesitate or feel apprehensive because they feel they have to be born with a natural talent to do art. UNTRUE. Anyone can learn art in the same way as learning most things in life: driving a car, baking a cake or playing a sport. It’s a common myth that only those with a natural artistic skill can do art. No, all the great masters of art had tuition. Were taught how to draw and paint.

Believing you cannot do art is the biggest reason why those wanting to take it up don’t! This is why you should visit the art class you have in mind, whether it’s ours or another one you’re interested in, go along and talk them; find out more, see what they are doing before you make a decision. We welcome anyone wanting to come along to find out more.

Hazel and Carol, working together on a painting.
Hazel and Carol working together.

When people first take up art, they only think of producing a painting that’s termed ‘Representational art’. In other words, your natural instinct wants to paint very realistically or photographically. Yes, to begin with that’s what you do, but all the time you will be guided to other ways of doing art: semi-abstract and abstract, like the example above. All this will be explained and shown to you as you progress through a structured course, learning in sequence and at your own pace. You’re not in competition with anyone, you do what’s comfortable to you.

List of venues where weekly lasses are held (fee is £80 for 10 consecutive weeks & ongoing through the year, except August)

Hightown L38 3RQ, Wednesday mornings 10 am till 12,

Southport PR8 1DB, Thursdays, Atkinson art centre, 10.30 am till 12.30 & 1.15 pm to 3.15 

Lydiate, Millennium centre, L31 4HL, Thursday evenings, 7.30 pm till 9.30 pm

Lydiate Parish Hall, L31 4EQ, Friday mornings 10 am till 12 pm & 1 pm till 3 pm

Lydiate Millennium centre, L31 4HL all day monthly Saturday classes, 10 am till 3.30 pm. First Saturday of the month, life drawing. Second Saturday, general art class (ideal for people who cannot make a weekly class because of other commitments but follows the same course structure)

Fees: Saturday classes, £28 life drawing and £25 general art class.

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