Our exhibitions

Members are encouraged to exhibit their work, and hopefully sell!

exhibitions of Sefton artists paintings and drawings,
As a members of the Sefton Art Group, based on Merseyside, you will be encouraged to take part in regular local exhibitions, and hopefully enjoy the odd sale!

Members are encouraged to take part in several art exhibitions that our group organises. Though you may feel nervous at first, members look forward to seeing their work framed and on display to the public. You will see your work differently once it's framed and on display. It's surprising what a mount and frame can do to a piece of art.

Our next exhibition, 19 & 20th October 2019

art exhibition by the sefton art group, liverpool, sefton, merseysside
Our next art exhibition will be in October 2019 when there will be over 200 member's paintings displayed.

As a member of our art group, you will be encouraged and helped to exhibit your work. Over time, most of our members have sold a painting. Some members enjoy regular sales, plus commissioned work. Yes, when you first join you might feel you'll never be good enough to sell a painting!
That's what all new members think. Yet you might sell on your first exhibition. Remember, art is a very subject taste. We find that the public have a wide taste when it comes to art, and we are often surprised at what sometimes sell. Also, you will see your work differently once framed and on a wall. Plus, the experience of helping out at the exhibitions is a great learning curve and members get a lot of excitement by just helping out.