Our latest news from the Sefton Art Group

Because of covid-19 restrictions, classes now online, via zoom.

artist roy munday, art tutor in his studio, southport, merseyside, offers online art courses, art classes, for beginners,
Roy Munday, artist and art tutor, in his studio where he delivers online art classes.

Members on our summer visit to the Tate, Liverpool, 2019

keith haring exhibition at Tate, Liverpool by the sefton art group. art classes, beginners, merseyside, life drawing
Artist, Roy Munday at the Tate, Liverpool, visiting with the art group, the Keith Haring exhibition.

Members exhibited their art work October 2019

sefton art group's art exhibition at Lydaite parish hall, merseyside, for beginners and those more advanced artists
We enjoyed another successful exhibition of members' work over the spring bank holiday, early May, at Lydiate parish hall, Merseyside. Members once again enjoyed some good sales!
art group on a visit to Tate Liverpool, keith haring exhibition. classes of art beginners and the more advanced, merseyside, near me
Members gathered in the reception of the Tate, Liverpool, prior to a lecture and visit to the Keith Haring exhibition.

Members found this exhibition extremely valuable, as it allowed them to gather inspiration and possibly come up with ideas of their own. Keith Haring was very much an artist of his time, dealing with social issues of his generation. He lived and painted in New York, with other emerging artists such as Andy Warhol. Haring's short life ended when he contracted AIDS.

Members displayed over 200 paintings on the spring bank holiday exhibition, with a number of sales. For some artists, it was their first exhibition, and several sold their first painting! This is always an exciting moment and serves to encourage them. Exhibitions are also a great opportunity for members to take part in its running, whether serving refreshments, greeting visitors or dealing with sales, it gives another aspect to enjoying art and to see the work in an exhibition environment, framed.

Local watercolour artist, Roger Jenkins, gives a watercolour demonstration

watercolour classes, demonstration by artist roger jenkins, sefton artists, sefton art group, merseyside
Roger's final version. Members were fascinated by the way he painted in the sky!
watercolour classes, sefton, southport, liverpool, merseyside,
In a two hour demonstration, Roger Jenkins, produced a finished watercolour, which had members fascinated by his personal method, especially his treatment of putting in the sky

Members at the Hightown class, which meet on a Wednesday morning, were given a treat in February when local watercolour artist, Roger Jenkins, came along and gave an inspirational watercolour demonstration. Watercolours are a favourite medium for a number of our members. Though difficult initially, members are taught how to master them. The biggest mistake by people new to watercolours is that they 'over brush' the painting, leading quickly to a mess! Best approach is one stroke of the brush and move on. Yes, tweak a little, but don't overwork it!

Members engrossed with Roger’s watercolour technique.

artist roger jenkins giving a watercolour demonstration to the sefton art group at highjtown, merseyside
Members at the Hightown art class engrossed in Roger's way of applying watercolour.
Several of our members do art work for commissions. Just contact us.
Another example of commissioned work.

Thinking of commissioning a pet portrait?

pet portraits by Kathryn Evens, sefton art group, liverpool, southport, Merseyside
Kathryn Evans, one of our members, is an expert when it comes to doing animals. To find out more, visit: www.petportraitsmerseyside.co.uk